New York homeowner claims man threw feces, dead squirrels in yard in racial attack

A Long Island resident claims a neighbor has harassed her for almost three years.

A New York woman claims for the two-and-a-half years she has lived in her current home, she’s been met with ongoing racial harassment and threats from a white neighbor.

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According to ABC7NY, Jennifer McLeggan claims the unidentified man throws dead squirrels in her yard and has engaged in other intimidating behaviors. McLeggan says she has video evidence of her neighbor committing the alleged offenses.

McLeggan’s sister shared a video of her ordeal on social media over the weekend and it soon went viral. It’s posted below and contains strong language.

“I bought the property when I was pregnant and, this is the truth, the property was in bad shape. I’m trying my best to make every effort to clean the property. I’ve done my best to clean the property. I mow the lawn, when there’s snow out here I’m shoveling the snow by myself,” the registered nurse says to ABC7NY.

She continues, “I’m doing what I can to keep the property clean. I kept on noticing dog feces. I kept on noticing ticket ordinances from the Valley Stream Village town. I keep getting tickets. I keep seeing dog feces. I installed a camera here. I caught my neighbor throwing dog feces in front of my property. I took that video to court and I won a judgment.”

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The continued troubling behavior does not stop at dog feces. According to ABC7NY, McLeggan has photos of a neighbor wearing a black mask, carrying a firearm, and spitting into her yard. She has opted to put a sign on her door, detailing the disturbances.

“In case something happens to me here, then somebody would know I’m in the house with a baby. If I die in here, at least cops would see the sign,” she says.

Despite the torment of the currently unidentified man, other neighbors support McLeggan as she fights for peace. Erica Coreas also lives in the Nassau County neighborhood and says upon moving in, she was harassed on a milder level.

“We’re just trying to give her as much love and support as we can,” Coreas tells ABC7NY.

The community is planning a protest for McLeggan and it is scheduled to take place later this week.

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