Dr. Dre’s wife Nicole Young explains $2 million per month divorce request

Young's prenup is being described as a 'gun-to-the-head' agreement.

Dr. Dre‘s soon-to-be ex-wife, Nicole Young, explained why she needs nearly $2 million a month in temporary spousal support.

In a breakdown provided by TMZ, Young’s expenses, which actually total more than $2.5 million per month, stem from her claim that Dr. Dre violently controlled everything she purchased.

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As TMZ reported, the list of expenditures includes her clothing and entertainment expenses, which amount to over $1 million. Young also listed her phone and email expenses at $20,000 a month.

Dr. Dre was said to be paying for all of Young’s expenses, which includes the Malibu house she is currently living in.

According to Young’s documentation, Dr. Dre prevents her from using her American Express black card.

Her prenup is being described as a “gun-to-the-head” agreement. Young said that Dr. Dre eventually ripped the agreement, but he is denying ever doing so.

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On April’s Fools Day, Young said Dr. Dre got intoxicated at their home in West Los Angeles and yelled at her to return back to Malibu.

“Do not spend one more cent … period. You can’t be mean and disrespectful and spend my hard-earned money. F*** that!!! Yes that’s a threat … I’m putting the beach house up for sale next week,” Dr. Dre allegedly told Young, according to TMZ.

In her divorce filing, Young said that she is also asking for $5 million to cover her attorney’s fees.

As theGrio previously reported, Dr. Dre has been accused of abusive behavior during his prior relationships. His former fiancée, Michel’le, alleged that he beat her during the course of their six-year relationship.

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