California man who rammed car into protesters used family vineyard as ‘training camp’

An arraignment and plea are scheduled for Tuesday

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An armed man who drove his truck into a crowd of peaceful protesters was using his family’s vineyard as a “training camp” to prepare for “civil disorders,” according to authorities.

Benjamin Hung, 28, was charged with many things including “one count of conspiracy to transport firearms and making a false statement in the acquisition of firearms,” according to NBC.

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Hung was arrested after he drove his Dodge Ram into a crowd in Pasadena.

The car he used had a license plate that read “WAR R1G.” War Rig is a reference to the video game War Commander. In the game, the vehicle is used to ram foes in combat.

The fictional car has been embraced by right-wing extremists, furthering the belief that it is okay to run over liberal protesters.

The incident took place on May 31 during a protest after the death of George Floyd. There were about 150 protesters in attendance.

The protesters were chanting “Black lives matter here” before running away from Hung’s car, according to an FBI agent, named Diamond Outlaw.

Hung told the police he felt threatened by protesters who he claims threw things at his car, NBC News reported.

When police searched his truck, they found a loaded Glock handgun, a 15-round magazine, a machete, an 18-inch metal pipe, a megaphone, and $3,200, according to the affidavit, CBS News reported.

Hung was also charged with attempted assault with a deadly weapon in state Superior Court. Court records show that he posted his $30,000 bond on June 12. An arraignment and plea are scheduled for Tuesday.

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Hung lived with his parents in San Marino where his family owns the vineyard he used as a “tactical training camp.”

The authorities also gained access to Hung’s iCloud account, showing he had stockpiles of weaponry and tactical gear including assault rifles, semi-automatic pistols, magazines, ammunition, a tactical vest, binoculars, a rifle scope, and other equipment.

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