B. Simone slammed for saying women’s standards are too high in relationships

Black Twitter took issue with the comedian's Instagram video

Comedian and Instagram personality B. Simone is being slammed online for saying women’s standards are too high in relationships.

With over 5 million Instagram followers, B. Simone is known for her often funny takes, tips, and videos. Simone released a video in honor of Valentine’s Day where she talked to her followers about “manifesting love.” 

B. Simone thegrio.com
B. Simone (Credit: B. Simone)

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In the video, she says, “Here’s a little challenge…we got all these things we want in a man…He gotta be tall, he gotta be dark, he gotta be handsome, he gotta have pretty feet, he gotta be a family man, he gotta be financially stable, he gotta be rich, he gotta be successful.”

She goes on to explain that these statements seem hypocritical to her, saying, “He gotta be all these things and we ain’t even have the things on that list. He gotta be a family man? B–ch, you ain’t talked to your mama in six months but you want him to be a family man!”

B Simone thegrio.com
(Credit: B. Simone)

Black Twitter instantly blew up with responses to the internet personality, calling her out for past behavior and her tone in the video. One twitter account wrote, “B. Simone really build her whole brands on women manifesting things including the type of men they want in their life, she screamed about it literally every day for a year. now she done switched to ridiculing women for having certain standards like OH BROTHER.”

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Others called her out for past allegations of plagiarism she faced last year. One account wrote, “I thought we all agreed to stop listening to B Simone after she scammed y’all with that plagiarized leaflet marketed as a manifestation book.”

Another person tweeted out, “If y’all don’t understand that it’s not what B. Simone said but the fact that SHE said it and she’s a hypocrite, attempting to create a new fan base after losing her old one due to plagiarizing coloring books she printed at Staples, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Apparently, not all people are offended by her video. Tyrese Gibson came to Simone’s defense, writing on Instagram, “Women are pissed? calling her a fraud? But why???? Dear @thebsimone I’m going to hire you as soon as I can.”

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