LaKeith Stanfield says Charlamagne’s a ‘h–‘ after he critiques ‘Black Messiah’ role

Stanfield, who has had issues with the radio personality in the past, responded to Charlamagne's claims via Instagram

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It looks like an old feud may be brewing again after a recent exchange at the popular radio show, The Breakfast Club. In comments on Instagram, LaKeith Stanfield called Charlamagne’s a “hoe” after the radio host critiqued his role in Judas and the Black Messiah.

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Stanfield and Charlamagne have a history of beef in their past. From Instagram posts and on-air clap backs, the two have made headlines when they haven’t seen eye to eye. Now, it seems some of the old tensions may be reignited after a recent episode of The Breakfast Club.

Lakeith Stanfield Charlamagne Judas
Charlamagne tha God, Lakeith Stanfield, spar over ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ (Getty Images)

Judas and the Black Messiah star Daniel Kaluuya stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote the acclaimed film. In the interview, Charlamagne cheekily asked about Stanfield’s role in the film, saying, “Did you find yourself looking at LaKeith differently after the way he played this role, because he did it too well?”

Stanfield, of course, plays William “Bill” O’Neal in the film, an FBI informant who infiltrated the Black Panther party and betrayed Illinois chapter leader Fred Hampton, leading to his murder by Chicago police.

Kaluuya immediately pushed back at Charlemagne’s characterization, saying, “…You and LaKeith still got beef, Charlamagne? Is that what’s it?”

The radio host responded, “I never had an issue with him…I do feel he was born to play this role, though.”

Kaluuya then shuts down the conversation, defending Stanfield while detailing the challenging task it was to portray a character like O’Neal. He said, “Nah, nah, nah, we’re not havin’ that, we’re not havin’ that…LaKeith, in this film, he makes the biggest sacrifice…in order to show you what Chairman Fred is, you have to show what he isn’t. You can’t see the light without the dark.”

He continued to defend LaKeith and how trying the role was for him, saying, “He served that…that’s not how he feels at all, and it was really tough on him on certain days, I mean, he was really going through it. For him to not be aligned politically to O’Neal and still give it his all…that’s incredible. I salute LaKeith for that.”

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Stanfield also defended himself from Charlamagne’s claims in the comments on Instagram, asking the radio host to just “let him be.” The actor wrote, “H–… This is what h–s do. Get sonned by the reality. Get off me bro u a lame. Daniel ain’t an idiot. Leave me be dog and find somebody else.”

He then proceeded to allude that Charlamagne himself is more like the film character, writing, “Charla you the most O’Neal person I’ve ever met. Marinate on that.”

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