RHOSLC: The 3-part reunion comes to a snowy close

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has already been renewed for season 2

And just like that, the first season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has come to a triumphant close. From legendary feuds, hospital smells and all the snow Bravo fans can handle, RHOSLC left quite the impression in the already very busy franchise.

With season 2 already underway, last night’s Part 3 of the reunion focused on mending relationships between the women, as well as dealing with some tension with the “house-husbands” in the group. In a stand-out segment, Jen Shah and her husband Sharrieff opened up to Andy Cohen about their marital struggles and what played out on camera in the first season.

Sharrieff, who was called out for missing Jen’s father’s funeral, defended himself from fans who feel he values his coaching career over his marriage.

Jen revealed to Cohen she is okay with it now, saying, “If he could have been there, he could have…he’s there for me. I didn’t know what I was dealing with at the time.”

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Mary Cosby‘s husband, who is infamously her step-grandfather, also opened up about some of the backlash from their relationship within the group.

“I knew everything that’s happening right now was gonna happen,” Robert Sr. told Cohen. He further explained, “They think that we got married just for the money…and another thing, this granddaddy junk…it’s just stupid!”

He then doubled down on his age when he married Mary’s grandmother (24) and assured her that Mary is a great mother, wife, and “co-pastor” of their church. The exchange even brought Mary closer to Shah who said, “I never gave Jen a chance.”

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The oddest exchange of the night also came from breakout Real Housewife, Jen Shah, the franchise’s first Polynesian housewife. During a heated exchange with her friend Heather Gay (or former friend, we’ll have to wait for season 2 for that), Shah began to hammer in a conversation about being a woman of color in a mostly white group of women.

Shah told Gay, “Mary would know, I’m a woman of color, it means something different to be labeled a bully!” She continued, saying, “That took me back like thirty, forty, years…telling a woman of color she’s aggressive and using these terms is very dangerous, you don’t know because you’re not in those shoes…this is hurtful when you make allegations to a colored woman!”

While her sentiments were technically correct, Shah continuing to refer to herself as “a colored woman” as justification for certain behavior created a head-scratching viewing experience, to say the least. While Shah’s been an incredibly entertaining housewife, her behavior certainly has been hard to justify.

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Jen Shah and her husband Sharrieff Shah (Bravo)

According to Cohen, the entire cast is set to return for the second season of RHOSLC. For more information, you can check out the official website here.

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