Ray Fisher demands the findings of ‘Justice League’ investigation

“Rather than trying to convince people on what the Justice League investigation DIDN’T find — how about you start telling them what it DID?"

Ray Fisher’s scathing Twitter thread is raising eyebrows online as comic fans standby waiting for the findings of an investigation into the filming practices on the set of WarnerMedia’s Justice League

“Rather than trying to convince people on what the Justice League investigation DIDN’T find — how about you start telling them what it DID?” asked Fisher. 

For background, the inquiry first began when Fisher publicly accused filmmaker Joss Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional” behavior on the set of Justice League

WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff told Variety that the company took Fisher’s allegations “very seriously, so we hired one of the top investigators out there and gave her a tremendous amount of leeway.”

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Katherine Forrest, the former U.S. district judge who is leading the Justice League investigation, was a focus of Fisher’s frustration. 

“The investigator hired by @WarnerMedia was brought on to help the company assess and evade legal liabilities. Continually touting her status as a FORMER federal judge in an attempt to sway public opinion is obvious and desperate. She is now simply a lawyer. As I’ve said — people will attempt to shift blame completely to Joss Whedon for the Justice League reshoots,” Fisher added. 

Smoke of a racial bias and injustice regarding Justice League is sure to leave a bad taste in the DC comic fans’ mouths. 

The comic universe has been plagued with charges of racism and exclusion, so Fisher’s accusations hold significant weight over the brand’s future productions. 

HBO released the film only a few days before Fisher raised the flag online. During the pandemic, streaming has become the main revenue source of the film industry. Negative press can prompt potential viewers to boycott support for the movie. 

Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg, attends the 2017 “Justice League” photocall at The College in London, England. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

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The overall sentiment in the film industry at this moment varies from years past as creators of color push for more equity and inclusion in the field. Just recently, theGrio reported directors and producers found their work iced out of the public relations events tied to the Golden Globe nomination process. 

We’re also seeing several Black women in daytime television and entertainment speak out against the racism they’ve faced with cast members, and in some cases which resulted in their contract termination. 

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