Cardi B calls out rappers who ‘wanna die’ and make too much ‘depressing’ music aided by drugs

The "Open" rapper stated on an IG live session that rhymes getting played in the clubs all sound the same.

Cardi B took to Instagram Live to tell her fans that she’s found the solution to what’s been missing in the clubs: Cardi B is what’s missing!

The Grammy-winning rapper recently aired out some grievances she had about the over-saturation of slow-paced rap music that’s playing in dance clubs and strip joints all around. She also had some things to say about people who tell her what kind of records and rhymes she needs to be making.

Cardi B
Rap darling Cardi B poses on the red carpet at January’s pre-GRAMMY Gala and GRAMMY Salute to Industry Icons honoring Sean “Diddy” Combs in Beverly Hills. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

One minute into a five-minute video, Cardi, who was riding in a car while on her IG Live, addressed viewers by saying, “Let’s have this conversation. I know what n—as is missing in the club.” When a fellow rider asked “what,” Cardi said, “Me! They missing me!” It was at that point when the “Press” rapper began to get some things off her chest about the bland music she’s been hearing.

Cardi said as a former stripper herself, she realizes that it’s her brand of music that is most effective in those settings. She began to call out online gatekeepers for trying to determine what kind of music she should be doing.

“I be seeing all these motherf—–s on Twitter be like, ‘You need to rap. You need bars. You need to have this. You need to have that.’ I want to make music to turn the f–k up!” she railed.

From there, Cardi then called out rappers who have songs with, as she deems, depressing subject matter. She attributed the content to marijuana use and abusing lean.

“I feel like n—-s nowadays making music with this type of beat that is mad depressing. All these rappers nowadays, all of them wanna die. They all wanna die–all of ’em! All these n—-s need to stop doing lean and smoking weed. You know, this the thing about these rappers: they get money and they start buying too much motherf—-n’ weed and too much lean and they make that slow s–t. I wanna turn up–tired of the same song every time I go to the motherf—–g club.”

Before the live session ended, she reiterated, “The club needs me! The strippers need me. The bartenders need me! The hoes need me. The motherf—–g get-money n—-s need me. I wanna shake my ass, n—a! Am I lying?”

Cardi B performs onstage during March’s 63rd annual Grammy Awards telecast. The rap star has pleaded not guilty to assault stemming from a 2018 incident at a New York strip club.(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The rapper has been busy with a new baby the last few months. In September, she and her husband, Offset of the Migos, welcomed their second child together, a son, as previously reported by theGrio. Cardi’s last two singles, 2020’s smash collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP,” and this year’s “Up” were both hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

However, there has still been no announcement of a release date for the follow-up to Cardi’s 2018 Grammy-winning debut album, Invasion of Privacy. She told XXL in April that the COVID-19 pandemic had slowed down her plans for the next album.

“I feel like at this point, it’s like a timeline that I created,” Cardi said. Because last year I was like: ‘I gotta put out my album this year,’” she explained. “But, then I just stopped working on my album out of nowhere because I feel like the whole COVID thing discouraged me to put out my album. Because I want to put out an album, and I want to tour.”

She did say that once everything falls into place, she was planning on “going away for a very long time to finish my album.”

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