Saks slammed for selling $600 Afro picks as art

The high-end retailer comes under fire on social media for hawking a small, brass Afro pick as an “art piece” online.

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High-end retailer Saks Fifth Avenue is coming under fire on social media for selling a small, brass Afro pick as an “art piece.” 

The pick comes in three different variations that range in price from $180 to $600. 

High-end Manhattan retailer Saks Fifth Avenue is coming under fire on social media for selling a small, brass Afro pick as an “art piece.” (Photo: Screenshot/

In one product description on its website, they write, “Afro Pick Comb designed for the confident & traditional trendsetter: featuring a high shine plate with prestige flowing through every bristle, this collectible art piece is every bit of captivating. Designed exclusively for you and available while supplies last. Be bold, be known, make your mark.” 

Another reads as follows: “Classic & brilliant: this piece is designed as a symbol of truth, pride, and tradition. Strong in message & bright in texture, it is the perfect complementary pendant. Exclusively made for you.” 

The retailer appears to have partnered with a company called Afra to retail those items, as well as several varieties of brass hair and loc beads. 

Saks’ offerings did not go unnoticed on social media.

One Twitter user wrote, “A $300 Afro pick?? IKYL.” Another replied, “It better have been owned by Angela Davis, Pam Grier, Don Cornelius, or Jim Kelly? Otherwise, wow!”

“What in the Cultural Appropriations Hell and Why in Trumps United States is @saks selling a Gold Afro Pick?” another poster wondered

The items got noticed on Facebook, too, where one person wrote, “Sooo let me get this straight. Saks is selling this ‘small Afro pick.’ That’s what they are calling it on their site lol, but get this…for $300!! What the ?. Let me go dig in my dads old drawer real quick lol ???? #iknowyoulying.”

“I got that right now,” a replier shared, “and it was $1.00 at the dollar tree. All I have to do is spray paint it gold and I can sell it for $300.00 ? Well I’ll just be D##N !!!!!! Who want one?”

According to Saks, all the items are made in the USA. 

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