Hotels with heritage: created with us in mind

This amenity-rich suite of properties is also rich in Black legacy, making them the perfect places to recharge this Black History Month and beyond

As more Black people are exploring the world of luxury, travel and destination-worthy lodging are easily at the top of everyone’s must-do list. Millennials and Generation Z have made happiness a priority—by any means possible. Whether going on a girls trip, baecation, a solo sojourn or simply want to be surrounded by Black history any time of year, the experience has to be top-tier for the photo-obsessed generation. 

The Langston Hughes Suite at the Akwaaba DC
Photo: Akwaaba Luxury Bed & Breakfast Inns

Akwaaba Luxury Bed and Breakfast Inns, the lodging collection owned by husband and wife team Glenn Pogue and Monique Greenwood, have long been creating the experiences we all need and deserve. After enduring nearly two years of our “new normal” a weekend or weeklong getaway to relax and be pampered is exactly the experience Akwaaba provides for its guests. With locations in the Poconos, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, Akwaaba is keeping the bed-and-breakfast industry alive.

Speaking with co-owner Greenwood, it’s evident that the Akwaaba experience is rich in culture and historic values you can’t find anywhere else. Greenwood described the Poconos location as the jewel in the Akwaaba crown, sharing: “From a historical perspective, it is a former Woolworth estate, and Woolworth is really the birthplace of the civil rights movement. You know, Black folks were not allowed to sit at the lunch counter at Woolworth’s.” Having such a profound understanding of those roots adds even more purpose and perspective for those interested in booking an one-of-a-kind stay, as Greenwood noted:  “So to know that a place that my grandmother, your grandmother were not able to go and sit is a place where we’re able to rest weary souls nightly…Wow.”

When it comes to travel, younger generations have gravitated towards Airbnbs and less interactive lodging experiences in recent years. When asked how she feels about the impact of Airbnb, Greenwood didn’t hold back. “You know, Airbnb, I’m very sensitive about it because basically it was a disruptor in our industry and they co-opted the name Airbnb. But there is no second B in Airbnb. No one is there to make your breakfast and no one is going to make your bed. And we do both!”

“Airbnb is an independent stay,” she continued. “Nobody knows your name and you know you’re on your own. The difference with what we offer is that we’re creating a home away from home for you where we spoil you. That is our whole goal.” 

Akwaaba Inn
Photo: Akwaaba Luxury Bed & Breakfast Inns

The Akwaaba Luxury Bed and Breakfast Inns provide a large selection of amenities for guests at all of their locations, as well as a sense of community. Tennis and basketball courts, spas, fire pits, personalized shopping itineraries and recommendations are just a few of the offerings. Additionally, Akwaaba works with Black-Owned Businesses as vendors for all of their locations, which is why they’ve become a favorite amongst guests.

“On our website, we have Shop Akwaaba and these are all Black owned vendors that we use at the end that guests can actually purchase directly on our site, take some pieces of Akwaaba home with them”, Greenwood shared.

Photo: Akwaaba Luxury Bed & Breakfast Inns

Best of all, the Akwaaba team has created specialized stays for singles, couples, girls trips and even caretakers who need a break of their own. These personal touches, intentional partnerships and historical values make these inns stand out amongst the rest. 

Akwaaba proves why the Bed and Breakfast experience need not be a thing of the past. We all deserve a little extra pampering and love when we travel and these locales can provide you with everything you didn’t think you needed during a getaway. While planning your 2022 getaways, consider Akwaaba as your next escape— and a safe space to unwind and recharge. 

Keasya Hudgins

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