Traveling while Black

Slow Travel

If you’re like most, the past two years may have caused you to seek out new joys in life, including

/ May 10, 2022
Black woman traveling

Traveling solo is a courageous act. It takes curiosity, will, freedom, security, faith, and bravery to embark on such a

/ May 2, 2022

While summer vacation plans may have not been at the top of everyone’s list during the last two years—and rightfully

/ April 30, 2022
Afrozons Dubai Soundoff Sheila O.

Afrozons Dubai Soundoff is a premier travel experience put on by the Dubai Tourism Board in partnership with Afrozons Radio

/ April 16, 2022
Young woman mountains

The year 2021 may or may not have eased ambiguity surrounding health and social restrictions, but in 2022 we are

/ March 27, 2022
Curly Haired Woman

With travel back in full swing (and spring breaks and summer vacations swiftly approaching), travel beauty is all the rage.

/ March 20, 2022
Akwaaba DC

As more Black people are exploring the world of luxury, travel and destination-worthy lodging are easily at the top of

/ February 6, 2022