11 gifts by Black-owned brands to give Black folks in love this holiday season

Gifts to help create a lover’s holiday for the special someones in your life.

They are like PB & J. Rum and coke. Wine and cheese. You love to be their third wheel. They are your relationship goals. They are the couple you love to witness being in love; this holiday season, they deserve a gift that celebrates just how lucky you feel to know them. 

We realize holiday gift shopping for individuals is challenging enough, let alone a pair. Luckily, we have rounded up 11 gifts from Black-owned brands we think are the perfect way to celebrate the perfect pairings in your life. From budding romances to passionate partnerships to the duo needing a little spice in their life, we’ve got something for everybody. 

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For the spark

Cuffing Season candle by FORVR Mood (Image: FORVR Mood)

After surviving a summer of soft launches on social media, they’ve made it past coordinated Halloween costumes and meeting the family at Thanksgiving dinner. They are officially “cuffed,” just in time for the annual “cuffing season.” What better way to keep the spark of this budding romance alive than with a candle created to set the mood? With notes of lemon, mineral citrus, violet, jasmine, Douglas fir, and white cedar, and a burn time of up to 65 hours, FORVR Mood’s “Cuffing Season” candle is a spot-on way to keep the flames aglow of the new love in your life or someone else’s.   

Cuffing Season candle 


For the couple who has good game

Drunk In Love card game by Drunk In Love (Image: Drunk In Love)

When Beyoncé gave us ‘Drunk In Love,” she gave lovers everywhere an anthem (or an aspiration). She did it so effectively, one couple looking to keep their intoxicating connection alive created a game inspired by the hit song. Drunk In Love is now a drinking card game created with couples in mind. From wild dares to probing questions, the original deck’s 100 cards are sure to liven up any date night in.   

Drunk In Love game


For bedtime stories

“Off the Record” a Dipsea series starring Sarunas Jackson (Image: Dipsea)

Zane. Terry McMillian. Sister Souljah. Tania Marie. Danielle Allen. Where would we be without erotica writers? We can turn them to for a good story, a good laugh, or some sensual inspiration. Dipsea, the erotica storytelling app, keeps the tradition of putting sexy scenes in words alive and very well. With hundreds of choices in its library of original content, written and performed by a diverse set of creators (including “Insecure” alum Sarunas Jackson) and created for a diverse set of lovers, the app has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for bedtime stories for your own use or to help inspire the imaginations of another pair, a yearly subscription to Dipsea could be just the thing to whet one’s curiosity. 

Dipsea annual subscription 


For heating up the kitchen

Mashama Bailey’s MasterClass (Image: MasterClass)

They could be veteran chefs, brand new to the kitchen, or just in need of some quality time together. This holiday season, give them the gift that keeps giving them something to savor: cooking lessons. Over at MasterClass, the platform filled with professional tutorials, James Beard Award-winning chef Mashama Bailey, is teaching people how to whip up southern soul food standards. She’s in great company on the platform full of experts, which is why a MasterClass membership could be a welcomed gift for any kitchen. 

MasterClass membership

Starting at $15 monthly 

For Netflix and chilling

A Black Date Box (Image: Black Date Box)

It’s happening in living rooms and bedrooms all over the world; that classic romantic pastime of settling in with a loved one and spending a movie’s length of time trying to decide what to watch. Luckily, the Black Couple Box has released a Movie Edition of their Black Date Box, which includes 8-10 snacks by Black brands along with access to Black films and TV series from popular streaming services. Gifting them a subscription might save them some search time during their next Netflix and Chill session. 

Black Date Box Movie Box Edition


For two-of-a-kind 

Custom Minimal illustration by ImaniLynnPrints (Image: ImaniLynnPrints)

You can never go wrong with a well-executed sentimental gift. Something simple yet thoughtful, like a custom illustration based on your favorite photo of your favorite couple. A custom illustration could help a couple in a new home bring some art to their space or marry a growing art collection together. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-a-kind duo. 

Custom Minimal illustration

Starting at $65.00

For the buzz

Love Cork Screw’s 5 Wine Pack (Image: Love Cork Screw)

Wine is romantic. You let it breathe, and pour it out gently—not too much, but just enough. You take your time with each sip. You get warmer with each glass. By the time the bottle is finished, you’re hopefully closer to whomever you shared it with. This holiday season, give a couple the intimate gift of sharing a bottle of wine. If you don’t know what they like, we recommend the 5 Wine Pack from Love Cork Screw, which includes Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Concord, Rosé, and Niagara; something for everyone’s taste. 

5 Wine Pack


For the star-crossed lovers

(Image: Getty/Tanja Ivanova)

Whether they are devout believers or total skeptics, the astrological pairings of couples are always intriguing. For the couple who is curious about whether or not their union is written in the stars, book them a couple’s reading with a renowned astrologer. We recommend Tracy Rogers’ 90-minute Astrological Compatibility Reading, which promises to foster a mutual understanding that leads to healthy and successful relating.

Couples astrology reading 


For getting cozy

Human Nation Printed Movement Hoodie and joggers (Image: Human Nation)

This holiday, help a couple on your list keep warm and cozy with a new set of loungewear. The unisex movement jogger and matching printed hoodie by Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Human Nation is a great set to bundle up in. 

Printed Movement Hoodie


Movement Jogger


For between the sheets

Linen sheet set by Linoto (Image: Linoto)

Gifting sheets can be a great way to inspire a restful recharge (or a frisky frolic), something a couple on your list may need at the end of a busy year. For the couple who deserves to sleep in, we suggest a set of luxurious linen sheets by Linoto. They are 100 percent linen, come in a variety of colors, and arrive pre-washed and ready for use. 

Linen Sheet Sets 

$299.00 to $359.00

For playtime

(Image: Feelmore)

What do you give a couple who likes a little extra spice without overstepping any boundaries? Give them the opportunity to tickle their fancy (or each other’s) with a gift certificate to Feelmore. The Bay Area shop has been holding down the adult market for ten years now, selling everything from toys to costumes to books. 

Feelmore gift certificate 

$25.00 to $350.00

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