What’s your core strength? Let theGrio Fit help you find it!

Looking to upgrade your fitness this year? Whether lifting weights or increasing cardiovascular activity, core strength is key!

We’re less than two weeks into the new year, but if you’re already feeling fatigued by your 2023 fitness resolutions, how about focusing on your core issues — meaning your core strength? A successful fitness routine needs consistency and stability, and stability starts with a stable core. Not sure where to start? Let theGrio Fit guide you in some key moves that will get your core all the way together, and pave the way for a healthy new year, all year long; just check out our video, above.

Ready to dial up your cardio? How about taking that treadmill running routine up a notch, literally? Incline running is a surefire way to torch calories, tone muscles, and increase both your cardiovascular strength and overall fitness level — if you approach it gradually and safely. Admittedly, adding an incline to an already challenging cardio routine can be intimidating, so if you’re wondering how and where to begin, theGrio Fit is here to help. Check out our video below for tips on how to get started, build stamina, and keep going strong!

We’re not done yet; theGrio Fit will be here to motivate you throughout the month of January, fueling your fire each Wednesday with more tips to help you tackle those 2023 fitness goals and lock in those new habits for good. So stay tuned, and we’ll help you tone up!

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