Watch: Grio Top 3 | Are your top 3 crushes from a Black sitcom?

Who are the TV characters that made your heart skip a beat?

Let’s be real! Black sitcoms play an important role in African American history. The characters weren’t just imaginative figures. We saw these characters as our best friends, our parental figures and of course boo-thang. Listen in as hosts Dozie Ezemma and Alexandria Ikomoni discuss their Top 3 crushes from a Black sitcom.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 12: Kyla Pratt, Robert Ri’Chard and Meagan Good attend Prime Video’s Brunch at Harriet’s Rooftop on December 12, 2021 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Arnold Turner/Getty Images for Prime Video)


Ikomoni: Alright, Who are your Top 3 crushes from a Black Sitcom?

Ikomoni: Okay, I’m going to start with Romeo from the Steve Harvey Show. 

Ikomoni:  Listen, I said what I said. If you didn’t like him, I’m sorry something is wrong with you. 

Ikomoni: My next pick is Will from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I mean, he was the guy that you wanted in high school. That’s just my opinion.

Ikomoni: My last pick would have to be Roger from Sister. Sister. 

Ikomoni: He was acting grown with the twins.

Ikomoni: I mean he was corny, but then he grew up and became cute. He could sing and his hair looked good.So I’m going to put him in there because we love Roger. We love Roger.

Ezemma: Alright, I’m going to start off with Brandy from Moesha. I used to watch the show. I’m like she is fine, you know. She was a little spoiled, but she was fine. 

Ezemma: Next I’m going to say Meagan Good from Cousin Skeeter.

Ikomoni: Oh, that’s a good one.

Ezemma: Then I’m going to have to say Kyla Pratt from One on One. She did her thing. She killed it on the show. She was definitely that girl at the time.

Ikomoni: That’s a good list. I’m here for that list. 

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