Ohio police sicced dog on 23-year-old Jadarrius Rose during traffic stop

Video from the highway patrol shows Rose screaming as the dog appears to bite and yank him by his arm. "Get it off!" he shouts repeatedly.

An Ohio police canine attacked a Black man who had his hands raised during a July 4 traffic stop after he surrendered.

Jadarrius Rose, 23, was operating a semi-tractor trailer on U.S. Route 35 when an Ohio State Highway Patrol inspector for motor carrier enforcement attempted to pull him over because of a missing left rear mud flap, according to NBC News.

Law enforcement deployed stop sticks twice before Rose’s vehicle came to a halt on Route 23.

Jadarrius Rose, 23, who was operating a semi-tractor trailer on U.S. Route 35, is shown being detained by Ohio State Highway Patrol after a Circleville officer sicced a police dog on him. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube.com/WKYC Channel 3)

“After several times of being ordered to exit the vehicle, the suspect exited the vehicle from the driver’s side door,” the incident report said, NBC reported. “The driver was given orders to get down on the ground, and the suspect would not comply.”

Video made public by the highway patrol shows Rose standing in front of officers with his hands raised.

A Circleville Police Department officer identified as R. Speakman orders Rose to “go on the ground or you’re gonna get bit,” while a highway patrol officer instructs the 23-year-old to “come to me.”

A trooper repeatedly warns Speakman not to let the dog loose while Rose’s hands are raised. However, Speakman proceeds to release his K9.

As Speakman releases the dog, the footage shows, it races toward Rose, who drops to his knees.

The video shows Rose screaming as the dog appears to bite and yank him by his arm. “Get it off!” he shouts repeatedly.

“Get the dog off of him!” a trooper yells as other police officers call for a first aid kit.

The highway patrol stated that troopers immediately started administering first aid and calling for EMS help. After being treated at a medical center, Rose was charged with failure to comply with police orders but is no longer in custody, according to NBC, which also said Rose and his attorney declined to comment.

Highway Patrol Sgt. Ryan E. Purpura said the case is under investigation. It’s unclear whether the Circleville officer responsible for directing the dog to attack Rose faces disciplinary action.

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