Watch: theGrio Top 3 | What are the top 3 ways you bond with your family?

Cues music "Family Reunion!" Listen in as theGrio Top 3 hosts share their favorite ways to connect with loved ones.

There’s nothing like spending quality time with your loved ones! Whether it’s over Sunday dinner, a birthday celebration or an old-fashioned BBQ, these moments create lasting memories and help cement unbreakable bonds.

Listen in as Jahliel Thurman and Dozie Ezemma share their favorite ways to bond with their families.

The following is a transcript of their conversation.

Jahliel Thurman: Ooooh.

Dozie Ezemma: What’s it looking like?

Thurman: What are the top three ways you bond with your family?

And I’m big on family. I’m a family guy. And one thing I like about my family is no matter the age, we can crack jokes, we can be ourselves. It’s all respect. No disrespect. Some families got certain boundaries they can’t cross. My family, there’s no holding back.

Ezemma: That’s what’s up. 

Thurman: And there’s no anger. Nothing like that. You don’t go too far. I say all that to say the first one is I got a group chat. It’s crazy because it’s me, my dad, my grandma and my aunts. Of course, I’m the youngest one in there. It’s all love. We say good morning every day. That might be the only thing we say some days. And then, some days, we might be talking in there all day, talking smack.

Ezemma: That’s what’s up.

Thurman: Next, I’m from Chicago. One of the things we do most and enjoy the most is a family BBQ. 

Ezemma: We got to do an outing like that. 

Thurman: The thing about it, Chicago is one of those places where it can be Saturday morning, Sunday morning. It’s a beautiful day today. Oh, I want to throw something on the grill. 

Ezemma: Holiday or random?

Thurman: Ain’t no holidays. It’s a just random. You say, we’re throwing something on the grill, pull up. Pull up, have a little drinky drink, have a little foodie food. All that good stuff.

Ezemma: OK.

Thurman: And then family trips. We’re starting to do more of those now. 

Ezemma: Y’all got money, huh? Y’all be taking trips. 

Thurman: We’re doing alright. Last year for my birthday, it was like 40 of us in Jamaica. I think this year, we’re going to Cancun.

Ezemma: Forty deep!

Thurman: It was spicy, but I enjoy that because life is short. So, now, you got these opportunities to spend time.

Ezemma: So, for me, the No. 1 way my family connects with each other, you know, we’re African, is through dancing. Yo, put on some music, and my mom is on the dance floor heavy. She lit. Yo, City Girls!!

Thurman: Like that?

Ezemma: No. 2, believe it or not, weddings/parties. Africans, when it comes to weddings, it’s on another level. I don’t know why so many people are getting married, but it’s always a big gathering, yo. Everyone is lit, everybody is happy. That’s just how it is.

Thurman: OK.

Ezemma: No. 3, sports. We all sit down, watching the game. That’s the No. 1 way my family connects. Doesn’t matter. They talk smack. We’re from New York. We’re just clowning each other, it’s all love. But if you say something, you better back it up. And we’re going to remind you of what you said. 

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