UFC’s Themba Gorimbo was sleeping on a couch, so Dwayne Johnson bought him a home

The Hollywood superstar and retired wrestler was inspired to pay it forward due to their similar backstories.

Actor Dwayne Johnson gifted UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo a new home this week after hearing the 32-year-old had just $7 in his bank account before his first UFC win, People reports.

Johnson, 51, was inspired to pay it forward due to their similar backstories. Before becoming a huge professional wrestling star, the Hollywood icon lived out of a car with only $7 to his name. Because of his own rags-to-riches journey, Johnson named his film company Seven Bucks Production. 

World Premiere Of Netflix's "Red Notice" - Arrivals
Dwayne Johnson attends the 2021 world premiere of Netflix’s “Red Notice” in Los Angeles. The actor and former wrestler gifted a house to UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

On Thursday, Johnson posted a video showing him surprising Gorimbo at a gym and revealing that he leased a Miami house for the fighter, who was born in Zimbabwe. 

Gorimbo was sleeping on a couch as he saved money to move his family from Zimbabwe.  According to People, he sent the money he earned in the UFC to his village to build a well.

“Now there’s no more couch sleeping, this is your house,” Johnson told Gorimbo in the video. “Welcome home.” 

Johnson first learned about Gorimbo’s story on Twitter in June, when ESPN did a profile on the budding athlete, who in May became the first Zimbabwean to clinch a UFC victory, according to published reports. 

“This is f’n crazy to see and brings back many emotions and memories,” Johnson tweeted in response to Gorimbo’s story. “$7.49 in this fighter’s bank account. I once had $7 bucks too. I’ve been there on that grind. Got your back, brother. I’ll help.”

The mixed martial arts fighter fell to his knees and hugged Johnson when he surprised him with the new house this week.

“Oh my god, thank you!” Gorimbo says in the video. 

“This place is yours,” Johnson responds, People reports. 

“You don’t have to think about anything,” he added. 

“The only thing you think about is your family, getting them over here, getting them with you, your training and becoming champion,” the global superstar said. 

Johnson intends to lease the home for Gorimbo and pay all expenses while the fighter lives there, People reported. 

“Your story moved me,” Johnson told Gorimbo. “When I found out you had seven bucks in your bank account, I know what that’s like. I was here in Miami when I had seven bucks.”

Gorimbo said he intends to build another well in Zimbabwe with the money he saved for a house, according to People. 

“You inspired me to work hard,” a visibly emotional Gorimbo responded. “I will become a champion, trust me.”

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