Founder of Cloudy Donut Co. offers advice to those who want to start a business

Entrepreneur Derrick Faulcon was featured on theGrio’s series "BlackMade."

Derrick Faulcon is an entrepreneur and founder of Cloudy Donut Co., located in Brooklyn, New York, and Baltimore. He was featured on theGrio’s video series “BlackMade” in April 2023, where he talked about his journey to opening a vegan, small-batched, gourmet donut shop in NYC. For Black Business Month, we are circling back on the advice he shared for those who want to start a business.

Derrick Faulcon, Founder of Cloudy Donut Co.
Derrick Faulcon, founder of Cloudy Donut Co. (Photo by Joseph Stancavich)

Check out the full transcription below.

Derrick Faulcon: If an individual wants to start a business, it doesn’t have to be something that they love. It doesn’t have to be something that they love. Like we got to snap out of it. 

Faulcon: I started my business because I wanted to own something. I don’t love making donuts, but it’s a means. Until we understand that sometimes a means requires deep sacrifice and doing something that you don’t want to do. So you don’t have to love the business that you have, but you have to love where you want to go in life so that you can push that business. Business is fleeting; you can build a business up and you can sell it off, right? So I don’t agree. When people say you have to love what you do, you have to love where you want to go, and then you’ll do whatever you have to do.

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