It’s Travel Tuesday — here’s the best way to maximize your savings

Two travel gurus share their top tips for booking the vacation of your dreams this Travel Tuesday.

Traveling is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge of the world — and to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul from the hectic ebbs and flows of everyday life. When you remove yourself from your daily routine, you open yourself to new knowledge, different cultures, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

“The best part of traveling has to be culture because you get to experience so many things that you never even knew existed,” said Shanna Miller, a content creator and former flight attendant. “It’s really nice to see.”

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Echoing Miller’s sentiments, The Traveling Counselor’s owner, Erin Lofton, loves traveling for the opportunity to experience different cuisines, immerse herself in other cultures, and gain a deeper understanding of local histories. 

Both Miller and Lofton use their experience and influence to help others create the adventure of their dreams and dismantle misconceptions that traveling has to be expensive. On their platforms, they share travel tips and tricks for going on idyllic vacations without breaking the bank. Cyber Week, specifically Travel Tuesday, is one of the best times to purchase flights and hotels for a lower price. To help both travel newbies and veterans find the best travel deals, Miller and Lofton shared their top tips to maximize savings. 

Be prepared

Preparation is key when it comes to maximizing savings on Travel Tuesday. Both Miller and Lofton suggest mapping out travel dates and locations, knowing who you are traveling with, and having your form of payment ready. 

“Everything is limited, and the best destinations go first, so be prepared,” Miller said. 

Check out deals from travel agents

Travel agents typically advertise different vacation options on their social media to inspire followers to experience new destinations. If you haven’t already, Lofton advises travel enthusiasts to follow their favorite agents to discover some travel deals.  

Save your miles and points

While you may have miles and points from your previous trips, Lofton advises travelers to save them for a different occasion. “In my opinion, I would say save your points for those … random trips,” Lofton told theGrio. “Use Travel Tuesday to plan out your major trips.”

In agreement with Lofton, Miller noted that this is the perfect time to add to your pre-existing miles and points. 

Consider less popular travel dates

Miller suggests being open and flexible to traveling during less popular travel months. If you book a trip when there are fewer travelers, you could score a much better deal because hotels and airlines are trying to fill spaces.

Look into international airlines

Often, international airlines partner with major U.S. airlines to fly to America. Miller noted these partnerships typically result in cheaper flight deals for consumers. Checking for those opportunities could save consumers a lot of money while adding to existing frequent flyer points. 

Lock in spring, summer, and holiday vacations

When it comes to travel, timing is everything. Lofton believes Travel Tuesday is best to “lock in summer vacations and spring break” plans. She also encourages people to solidify plans for next year’s holidays, especially if they’re sure they will be traveling.   

Don’t wait to take advantage of deals

Flight and hotel prices inevitably fluctuate over time, so it can be hard to identify the best deal. Lofton advises shoppers to take the leap and secure a good deal on Travel Tuesday. 

“I know some people like to sit and wait for other [deals], but if you see something that you really like, I would definitely say hop on it immediately,” Lofton said.

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