Mo’Nique added to Katt Williams’ comedy tour following her ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast appearance

The actress and comedian announced on Thursday that she will join "The Dark Matter Tour."

After becoming the Internet’s latest viral sensation, Mo’Nique announced on Thursday that she will accompany Katt Williams on “The Dark Matter Tour.”

“I want to tell y’all about my twin brother Katt Williams,” Mo’Nique said in an Instagram video. “I’m going to be joining my brother on ‘The Dark Matter Tour.’ I am excited, we are excited, and I cannot wait to see y’all.” 

Before making the announcement, Mo’Nique, alongside her husband, used the social media platform to address and clarify the comments she made about D.L. Hughley during her guest appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, “Club Shay Shay,” which released on Thursday.

In the podcast episode, Mo’Nique retold her experience visiting Hughley’s radio show and what transpired while she waited for him appear. In the unaired radio segment, she was met with uncomfortable questions from Hughley’s co-hosts during a game of “Would You Rather.” She said she called Hughley afterward and informed him of her discomfort with the game’s topic, but claimed her concerns were dismissed by the radio host.

Hughley responded on Instagram and said that Mo’Nique’s allegations were untrue.

“Mo’Nique’s a liar,” Hughley said online. “When Mo’Nique did call me, I heard her complaints, listened to her, and pulled the segment. So, if I had been as dismissive as she alleges I was, that segment would’ve aired. It didn’t because I respected her wishes. She’s a liar.”

During the nearly three-hour conversation, Mo’Nique engaged in a candid conversation with Sharpe, discussing Hollywood’s racial pay disparities, the challenges she has faced as an actress and comedian, complex relationships with her industry peers and a wide range of other shocking topics.

In another viral moment, she also made comments comparing her career to comedian Melissa McCarthy, noting that she could have been just as successful if she was presented with the same opportunities that her white counterparts received. 

“If I was a white woman, do you know what my name would be? Melissa McCarthy,” Mo’Nique said during the podcast. “If I was a white woman, my name would be Melissa McCarthy. Same track record! Five-year sitcom in syndication. The opportunities are not the same.”

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The Academy Award-winning actress is well known for starring in projects such as “The Parkers,” which lasted five seasons, and her critically acclaimed role in “Precious.” The performer made headlines in the past for her allegations against Hollywood blackballing her following the premiere of “Precious” in 2009.

Since Thursday’s episode of “Club Shay Shay” aired, Mo’Nique has remained a trending topic for her honest conversation with Sharpe. Other celebrities she called out in the interview included Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Tiffany Haddish, Will Packer and more. 

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