Ayesha Curry says grace and gratitude are guiding her fourth pregnancy

“This time around, I’m giving myself grace,” Ayesha Curry said, announcing her and Stephen Curry’s fourth child.

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Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry are expecting their fourth child. Above, the two attend the 2023 Sundance Film Festival "Stephen Curry: Underrated" premiere at Eccles Center Theatre on Jan. 23, 2023, in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Ayesha and Stephen Curry are pregnant with their fourth child! Last Friday, Ayesha shared the news in the first digital issue of her magazine and lifestyle brand, Sweet July. Serving as the issue’s cover star, the mother and founder reflected on this new phase of her parenting journey. 

“For so many years, Stephen and I thought we were done,” she said, per Sweet July. “We said, ‘Three, that’s it, we’re not doing this again.’ And then, last year, we looked at each other and agreed we wanted to do this again. For me, the decision came from always finding myself looking around and feeling like somebody was missing. I would load up the car and think, ‘Oh, I forgot something.’ But nobody was forgotten […] Maybe somebody was missing.”

The expectant mother explained how this new addition will be completing their family. Having been married for nearly 13 years, she and her Golden State Warrior husband share three kids: daughters Riley, 11, and Ryan, 8, and a 5-year-old son, Canon. Though she’s experienced pregnancy before, Curry emphasized how this journey feels different. Balancing entrepreneurship and her family’s busy schedules, the soon-to-be mother of four is leaning on her village to get the job done. 

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As Curry previously told theGrio, small moments with her family are what excite her the most, so she will do anything to optimize her family time. Now that she’s pregnant, the extra help allows her to embrace the little moments of her pregnancy, from cravings to observing her children’s reactions to their future sibling. 

“One of the biggest differences is a new understanding that this really does pass by in the blink of an eye. And in the blink of an eye, it could also all be taken away,” she added. “That’s encouraged me to slow down and take in every single little thing—especially with it being my last pregnancy.” 

Understanding she will never get this time back, the Sweet July founder said she’s being a bit selfish in this journey, keeping things to herself in the name of protecting her peace and energy. At the same time, Curry is nurturing both herself and her relationship with God during this pregnancy. 

“I’ve read up a lot on genetics and how the mother carries generational cycles of trauma, memory, and emotions, and that what you think and what you feel and how you speak really impacts the person growing inside of you,” she shared, explaining her conscious efforts to be more positive with her children. “Your kids really are a reflection of you. Nothing brings me greater joy than when mine regurgitate something to me that we’ve taught them over the years.” 

She added, “I’m also very conscious about how I speak to and view myself. Gratitude has been prime. I’m constantly reminding myself that it’s okay to rest. I’m making it a point to sleep unapologetically. I’ve made it a point to not be hard on myself. This time around, I’m giving myself grace.”

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