‘BMF’ cast members talk about where the family stands in Season 3

Ahead of its third season, which premiered on March 1, Starz announced the popular show's renewal for a fourth season.

The Starz hit series “BMF” is back, and the season kicked off with the expansion of the Black Mafia Family, with Big Meech (Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr.) launching the business in Atlanta while the rest of his family and his brother, Terry Flenory (Da’Vinchi), lead the business in Detroit. The expansion of the BMF organization means a host of new characters as well as more drama. 

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“BMF” stars Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. (left), who is portraying his own father, Big Meech, in the leading role, and Da’’Vinchi (right) as Terry Flenory. (Photo: STARZ)

TheGrio caught up with the cast to discuss the “F” in BMF and just how much the family will be tested this season. 

“It’s definitely tested. Meech doesn’t have his family with him in Atlanta, he doesn’t have his brother, he doesn’t have his crew to back him up. So he has to use different tactics and go about the situations differently,” said Flenory Jr. “He is around people that doesn’t trust him and that he doesn’t know. It’s all new faces so he has to be smart about the decisions he makes.” 

Flenory explained how Meech is adapting to life on his own in Atlanta, stating that life without that same support system causes Meech to become more of a boss and really understand that this is more of a game of “chess and not checkers.”

A new character Meech meets is Greeny, played by Grammy Award-winning artist Ne-Yo. When asked if Greeny could be a part of the family, Ne-Yo’s answer left us in suspense.

“Greeny could be a part of the family, but at the same time he is an entrepreneur, he is a businessman and that comes before pretty much anything with this particular character,” Ne-Yo said. “He got your back but if a better situation comes around, I don’t know. You never know. You just have to keep your eyes open and pray he is a friend as opposed to a foe.”

While Meech is dealing with the highs and lows of building the BMF business in Atlanta, his family is going through their own struggles back in Detroit. 

Meech’s mother and sister have always been a great example of the quintessential Black mother-daughter relationship. This season we see that bond grow closer as Lucille Flenory (Michole Briana White) and Nicole Flenory (Laila Pruitt) deal with the infidelity of Lucille’s husband and Nicole’s father, Charles Flenory. The two revealed that for them, in many ways, they have parallel storylines.

“They are both stepping into themselves and finding themselves,” Pruitt said. In Season 3, Nicole is worrying less about her family and “focusing on herself and what she wants.”

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“She is taking her power back, just as much as her mother is and I think it’s powerful to see on those different generational levels,” Pruitt continued when discussing the mother and daughter dynamic between Lucille and Nicole.

White stated that Nicole really is a “pillar of strength for her,” and that this season they really had to be each other’s support system through the trials their family faced.

Another storyline added to the family drama is that of Terry Flenory and his love triangle with Lawanda (Sydney Mitchell) and Markaisha Taylor (La La Anthony).

Da’Vinchi explains how he understands that the woman who was “there from Day One never gets the respect she deserves.” He said he believed many women viewers “are on Lawanda’s side” because so many of them can relate to her after having kids and then seeing the father leave the family.

With Meech’s move to Atlanta, infidelity and a love triangle, it’s clear that fans will be in for a treat as the family in the Black Mafia Family is put to the test. The first episode of “BMF” is now streaming on all Starz platforms. The series has been picked up for a fourth season so the drama has no end date. 

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