Michaela Jaé Rodriguez says fans ‘get to see what love looks like through Sofia’s lens’ in ‘Loot’ season 2

The Golden Globe winner reveals that her character's new romance "is a wild one" in an exclusive interview with theGrio.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez at the 2024 Green Carpet Fashion Awards held at 1 Hotel West Hollywood on March 6, 2024, in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by John Salangsang/Variety via Getty Images)

“Loot” fans get ready…Sofia Salinas is entering her soft girl era. 

Actress Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, who plays Sofia on Apple TV+’s “Loot,” tells theGrio in an exclusive interview that her character will explore a new phase in the upcoming second season. In season one, Sofia is a determined executive director at billionaire Molly Wells’ philanthropic foundation, who is focused only on work and bettering the community around her. 

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez and O-T Fagbenle in “Loot.” (Photo credit: Apple TV+)

In season two, Sofia is letting go, living in the moment, and allowing herself to experience romance with a new love interest, played by O-T Fagbenle. Rodriguez says that she’s “so glad that people get to see what love looks like through Sofia’s lens because it is a wild one.”

“I love, love,” Rodriguez explains to theGrio. “I loved seeing all of the aspects of love conveyed on television. I’m glad that we got to do it through Sofia, who is someone who is very, very, very closed off when she chooses to be. Behind the scenes, working with O-T was fantastic. He was a great scene partner; he really made me feel comfortable.” 

Rodriguez notes that “coming into a new space of love and meeting a new person who you have to really play off of,” can be a challenge during filming, but Fagbenle made the experience “so comfortable and safe.” 

“I love that [that connection] is going to be easily conveyed to the television screen,” the Golden Globe winner says.  

Rodriguez adds that in season two, Sofia will “find refuge” in her colleagues around her, including Maya Rudolph’s Molly, Ron Funches’ Howard and Nat Faxon’s Arthur. In one particular scene, Sofia does “the walk of shame” into the office, arriving in her beau’s T-shirt and shorts after forgetting to bring a change of clothing to her sleepover. 

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“This specific scene, where she comes in completely in different clothes that we did not expect her to be in — it puts her completely on the spot,” Rodriguez says. “I think that’s a moment where the world needs to see that her team is really looking into how she’s receptive to love. She’s showing it through nervousness and anxiousness.” 

“I think those are great emotions that we didn’t get from Sofia in the beginning, because she’s so starch and very stiff, and very no nonsense. Totally not like me in real life, which we really appreciate.”

Speaking of Rodriguez in real life, what would she do if she unexpectedly became a billionaire like Sofia’s boss, Molly?

“I’ve been Miss Goody Two-Shoes and I’ve been saying that I’m gonna spend it all on the Rainforest Alliance and everything, but you know, we’re gonna scrap that,” Rodriguez reveals. “I’m gonna spend it on all of the games that I can play in my life because I’m a secret gamer. I want to make sure that I get a taste of every single last game that I haven’t played yet.” 

“Loot” season two premieres on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, April 3 with the first two episodes, followed by one new episode weekly, every Wednesday through May 29. 

Check out the “Loot” season two trailer:

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