Lenny Kravitz gets deep about being Black and Jewish on a new episode of ‘Masters of the Game’

OPINION: The rock star legend explains how recognizing and celebrating all of his identities helped turn him into a global superstar.

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On the latest episode of “Masters of the Game,” Lenny Kravitz talks deeply about being both Black and Jewish and learning to embrace both sides of himself. He really opens up about what it’s like. His message to people who are Black and Jewish — or any sort of intersectionality — is that you should embrace and honor all the parts of you and your story. 

Kravitz talks about being deeply influenced by his Black mother, the famous actress Roxie Roker, who played Helen Willis on “The Jeffersons,” one of the most popular sitcoms in America in the late ’70s. Helen Willis was the first Black recurring TV character to have a white spouse. Seeing her and her white husband on TV was a powerful symbol that helped normalize interracial relationships at a time when that was still stigmatized. 


Kravitz also talks about being deeply influenced by his Jewish father and his Jewish grandparents who showed him a different side of life. It took time for him to feel comfortable with both sides of himself — he was teased at school for being biracial. But, he said, it’s not about fitting into one or the other. It’s about diving into all sides of yourself and being proud of all of the things that you are. There are lessons to be learned from all parts of your heritage and all of those lessons will make you who you are. 

Kravitz needed to love both sides of himself in order to become the globally popular Lenny Kravitz the world has come to love. 

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