Michael B. Jordan wants you to move your body with community

Actor Michael B. Jordan partners with Propel Fitness Water to bring fitness to the community, starting in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

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Michael B. Jordan attends the 95th Annual Academy Awards on March 12, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

If you’re looking to jumpstart any fitness goals this summer, Michael B. Jordan suggests you find community. Starting this weekend, the actor is bringing fitness hubs to communities around the country.

Today, Propel Fitness Water announced they are partnering with the actor to expand the Propel Your City Project with the launch of fitness hubs in various cities. The first hub will launch this Saturday, June 8, in Jordan’s hometown of Newark, New Jersey. Upcoming cities include Atlanta on June 22, Houston on July 13, and Los Angeles on August 3.

Speaking to theGrio about the partnership kicking off in his hometown, he said, “[It] always feels good when you’re able to get back to the place where you started and pour into the community that made you.”

Jordan said attendees can expect “an environment for them to maximize” whatever their fitness experience or expertise already may be. He said this could include yoga, hiking, running, cycling, and beyond. It’s also an opportunity to be exposed to new ways of being active.

At the Newark hub, Jordan said he’s looking forward to folks learning more about Brick City Rowing, a rowing club based in Newark.

“It’s unlikely, something that you don’t necessarily think about when you think about Newark, New Jersey,” he said.

He added how it’s an especially rare organization because they work with children of all backgrounds including Black children.

At the Atlanta hub, taking place in the city’s downtown arts district, the Atlanta Run Club will be joined by PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, BLK Hiking Club, and Bonafide Riders Cycle Club. Later on in Houston, in the Midtown/Montrose district, social wellness organization BLK Beetles will be offering classes with Latinas Run Houston, FitMix Communities, and ZFT Run Club. The L.A. hub taking place downtown will feature WalkGood LA, founded by ​​Sheryl Lee Ralph’s son Etienne Maurice, Babes of Wellness, BlacklistLA, and Kong Fit Club.

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Jordan said he’ll know these hubs have become a success when he sees the community pull up and utilize spaces they may not have had before they launched.

“You see certain groups, and they have to make do with what they have, what’s available to them,” he continued. “So to be able to provide a facility that is up to date and current and to give them the best shot at being successful in whatever their curriculum is, I think is a win for us.”

Jordan said he joined this initiative because it aligns with his values especially as someone who has been active his whole life. His fitness journey has evolved from playing basketball on the courts of Newark as a kid and barely remembering to hydrate to growing up to train to take on some of Hollywood’s biggest action roles and develop a better diet. While basketball remains one of his favorite ways to move, the “Creed” actor has developed a love of boxing, conditioning, hiking, and swimming. 

“I think as you grow as a human, and as you mature, I think your routine needs to mature as well,” he said. 

He added that in order to maintain a regular fitness routine while keeping up with a demanding career he’s had to be disciplined even on his cheat days. 

“Right now I’m in the middle of filming, so my cheat days are a little more contained,” he admitted, before adding that they typically include, “just ordering a buffet of different foods” and watching sports. 

As a believer in cheat days, Jordan’s also a believer in giving yourself grace when adopting a new regime. 

“We all have crazy schedules, and we’re all grinding and working towards something,” he said. “But I think you do have to remember you only have one body and life is short, so you got to take care of it while you can.”