Jeremy Pope is loving himself in Calvin Klein’s 2024 Pride campaign

“It’s a marker in my own journey of self-love and self-expression," Jeremy Pope said about starring in Calvin Klein’s Pride campaign.

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Jeremy Pope behind the scenes of the 2024 Calvin Klein Pride campaign (Screenshot: Calvin Klein/YouTube)

For its 2024 “This is Love” Pride campaign, Calvin Klein has tapped multihyphenate star Jeremy Pope. The actor, best known for roles in shows like “Pose” and films like “The Inspector,” bares all in the promotion. 

“[This campaign is] a marker in my own journey of self-love and self-expression,” Pope told Out magazine about his involvement. “Years ago, it would’ve brought fear or anxiety into my heart and mind thinking about being so visible in this way. What might people think about me or say about me?”

Stripping down to his Calvin Klein boxer briefs, Pope stars alongside models Cara Delevingne, Vinson Fraley, Monet Lauren, and more in an upbeat campaign video singing “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters. 

“The entire cast channels the euphoric spirit of Pride and the strength of the LGBTQIA+ community through expressive dance and unfiltered displays of confidence,” the brand said, per Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)

“We’re here to celebrate Pride and love, so I wanted to step into that space not playing a part. I wanted to truly feel confident, sexy, bold, and daring,” Pope told GQ. “I think for me and my career, a lot of these moments that happen — being a Black queer individual — they end up becoming markers for me to really see how far I’ve come.”

Ultimately, for Pope, starring in the Pride campaign is a full-circle moment. He’s been open about his sexuality throughout his rise to stardom, putting him among the celebrity queer Black men who explore their sexuality under the spotlight. Recalling the days when he saw Calvin Klein billboards while commuting around New York City, Pope shared his excitement at receiving an email invitation to participate.

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“To be public in this way, to have my body on display, to share my queer experience or my first Pride — a lot of those things I was still sorting out to really understand and own. So I feel very powerful,” Pope said, per GQ. “I’m aware when I’m in a room and I’m like, ‘I’m here on behalf of all of us, not by choice, but by default.’ It’s hard being in a business that wasn’t necessarily built for the success of marginalized people.” 

In addition to showcasing diversity within the campaign, Calvin Klein is committed to donating $240,000 this year to LGBTQ+ safety and equity organizations like ILGA World and Transgender Law Center. WWD reports that shoppers will be able to donate to ILGA World by rounding up purchases when shopping in stores. 

“Pride Month … is a moment for us to honor all of the ways in which the people that have come before us have marched to create opportunity for equality and to create spaces that are safe for the ‘other’ experience,” Pope said, per Out magazine. “I say ‘other’ because there are many unique and beautiful experiences, but when we talk about Pride specifically, we are talking about all of the pioneers that have come before us: a beautiful celebration of love, honoring the truth, and all ways of life.”

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