Red Flags: Sex and the Soviet Union

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In this episode of Harlem and Moscow: Red Flags we get hot, heavy and a little messy. Host Sam Riddell talks to experts about the hook-ups and heartbreaks of the 1932 trip to the Soviet Union. We learn about what the dating landscape was like during the Harlem Renaissance, the culture around marriage, views towards interracial sex, polyamorous and open relationships within the New Negro Movement, lavender marriages, and respectability politics levied toward Queer Black folks. Plus we spill tea on a certain couple who became known for their wild parties and delve into the motivations behind Dorothy’s proposal. And we link our 1932 tripgoers to phenomena of today like the Passport Bros and Love Is Blind. Sam is joined by the playwright of “Harlem and Moscow” Alle Mims as well as Angela Tate, the Women’s History Curator at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. With a special guest appearance by historian, cultural critic, and author of  “Our Secret Society,” Tanisha C. Ford.


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