About 2.49 million passengers went through security checkpoints at U.S. airports Friday, according to figures released by the TSA.
/ July 2, 2022
If a flight only becomes more expensive the more you search for it, your persistence may be part of the problem.
/ June 26, 2022
Domestic airline fares for summer 2022 are averaging more than $400 a round trip — 24% higher than this time in 2019, data firm says.
/ May 27, 2022
JetBlue airplanes
After Frontier and Spirit Airlines announced their merger in February, JetBlue announced plans to pursue their own bid for Spirit. 
/ April 13, 2022
Woman using laptop in camper
Looking to get away without blowing your travel budget? These websites will help you find cheap flights on the fly.
/ April 2, 2022
Airlines continued to cancel flights because of staffing issues tied to COVID-19 during one of the busiest travel times of the year.
/ December 26, 2021
The Biden admin will propose that airlines must refund fees on checked baggage if the bags aren’t delivered to passengers quickly enough.
/ July 4, 2021