#FlyingWhileBlack: White man hurls racial abuse at Black flight attendant


An elderly man in Florida was pretty unfriendly, hurling racial slurs while flying the friendly skies, when he taunted and attacked a Black flight attendant and called her “fat.”

Those fighting words got 82-year-old George Alexander in a world of trouble and the old man was arrested after traveling on a Southwest flight from Philadelphia to Fort Myers, reports the Atlanta Black Star.

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According to the arrest report, Alexander told a flight attendant she was “too big for this job” and “you’re too fat for this, overweight.” Alexander then also reportedly yelled racial slurs, pushed her in the back, and demanded she move out of his way.

When the plane en route to Florida finally landed, Lee County Port authorities arrested Alexander at Southwest Florida International Airport.

Alexander was charged with suspicion of battery and interference of aircraft operations. He was given $1,000 bond and released and will appear in court on June 26.

We know old folks can be ornery, but Alexander was a little too turnt on his flight.

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DailyMail.com found that Alexander’s previous record only consists of one traffic infraction for failure to stop at a steady red signal in December 2009.

This is not the first time this year that someone has been arrested at Southwest Florida International for their conduct on a flight.

In January, Dante Bencivenga, 58, was taken into custody after he left urine all over the floor of a bathroom on a Spirit Airlines flight.

He was also banned from the airport for at least a year unless it is for official business.