Back To School

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As school has kicked off in many states and with others soon to follow, the U.S. Department of Health and

/ August 16, 2021

Schools across the United States are facing shortages and long delays, of up to several months, in getting this year’s

Two Georgia teachers have gone viral with a jaw-dropping music video. The video was posted to inspire their students as

/ August 19, 2020

Days after a photo showing students in a jam-packed hallway at a Georgia high school made rounds on the internet,

/ August 9, 2020
Marsai Martin thegrio

Actress and producer, Marsai Martin knows what it is like to struggle with her eyesight. She's now asking parents to

/ September 6, 2019
Barack Obama

This month, students at Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary in Jackson, Mississippi, are being welcomed back to school in style!

/ August 16, 2019

Former First Lady Michelle Obama's commitment to the welfare of children in this country has not wavered one bit.

/ August 30, 2018