Black Community

A second term of a Trump presidency would be “dangerous” for Black, brown, LGBTQ, and other marginalized communities, say advocates.
/ November 17, 2022
Florida Commissioner KKK Photos
People are demanding answers after a photo reportedly of newly resigned Florida commissioner Jeffery Moore dressed in KKK gear came to light.
/ September 29, 2022
Jackson water crisis
Jackson residents are still advised not to drink, brush teeth, make ice, cook or wash dishes with tap water unless it’s been boiled.
/ September 6, 2022
Programs will include youth courses based on experience level and age, a diverse abilities course and a senior citizen course.
/ July 30, 2022
The events during BET Week, including a Culture Creators Brunch and Verzuz Battle, succeeded in amplifying and celebrating the culture.
/ July 3, 2022
Dr. Ilyasah Shabazz talks about leadership, her late and great father Malcolm X’s impact, the lesson she learned from her mother and…
/ June 17, 2022
A new law limiting local governments’ voting power halted a Black community’s efforts to stop a solar farm from coming to their neighborhood.
/ January 2, 2022
Insecure Cast
Not only was “Insecure” creator Issa Rae rooting for everybody Black on screen, sis was also putting in the work behind the scenes too.
/ December 28, 2021
Netflix is committed to addressing systemic racism by pledging $100 million to supporting Black communities in the U.S.
/ December 2, 2021
Two new analyses of the 2020 United States Census indicate a significant undercount that may have left millions of Black Americans out.
/ October 16, 2021
Systemic failures in healthcare and a widening racial income gap hinder Black communities from building climate resilience.
/ September 7, 2021
The World Health Organization (WHO) said people in need around the globe should receive vaccinations before the U.S. gives out third shots.
/ August 23, 2021
Users have created anti-vaccination memes using images of Black people and logos of prominent organizations like Black Lives Matter.
/ August 12, 2021
A health worker gives a man a shot of the Jenssen COVID-19 vaccine from the Johnson & Johnson -
If white supremacy has a commission deciding anything around COVID-19, it’s how do they keep Black people from wanting the vaccine?
/ August 2, 2021
mask and condom,
Are masks the new condoms? Activists say it’s an entry point to a conversation worth having in the Black community.
/ July 27, 2021
Goldman Sachs's Investment Business Boosts Q2 Profits Despite Trading Losses
In March of this year, Goldman Sachs committed to investing $10 billion in capital to impact the lives of Black women entrepreneurs.
/ July 26, 2021
Gyrl Wonder -
Cantu Beauty partnered with Gyrl Wonder to create programs to support the personal and professional wellbeing of young women of color.
/ July 25, 2021