Black Male Voters

When I was growing up, I thought my father was Superman. I thought he was the smartest, strongest and best guy that ever was.
/ June 18, 2022
The reasons behind the defection of so many Black men from the Democratic Party will be debated far after all Tuesday’s votes are counted.
/ November 4, 2020
James and Obama sat for a chat as part of the NBA star’s More Than a Vote, which has registered thousands of voters and poll workers.
/ October 27, 2020
Kamala Harris
VP nominee Kamala Harris discussed the 2020 election with theGrio and a voting bloc analysts are watching closely: Black men.
/ October 19, 2020
Rather than worrying about Black men who may vote for Trump, progressives need to focus on turning out Black men and women in larger numbers.
/ October 19, 2020
Polls show that 24% of Black men approved of Trump as opposed to 6% of Black women. Their choices may be decisive in the election outcome.
/ October 15, 2020
theGrio’s Dr. Jason Johnson chats with the ‘Hidden Figures’ of Biden for President, who say they can help turn out the vote for Black men.
/ July 31, 2020