Black Teachers

In South Carolina, Charleston County aims to increase the number of Black male teachers in the classroom — 60 more in the next three years.
/ November 25, 2022
Rockwood School District
A federal judge has approved a $9.25 million settlement by the Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union in two lawsuits stemming from the layoffs of hundreds of Black educators at underperforming schools.
/ September 9, 2022
An elementary school teacher is making headlines for turning Lizzo’s hit single “About Damn Time” into a catchy back-to-school jingle.
/ August 30, 2022
OPINION: While conservative media has characterized the Minneapolis teachers union’s agreement as an anti-white civil rights crisis, firing white educators is actually a step towards equity.
/ August 19, 2022
A Florida school teacher quit this week before the school year began after a staffer removed posters of Black leaders from his classroom. 
/ August 12, 2022
Fraud Charge Against Goldman Sachs Takes Toll On Market Indices
A New Orleans nonprofit that supports Black educators will receive a major financial boost from Goldman Sachs. 
/ June 24, 2022
The enrollment of students of color in Pennsylvania’s public school system is rising faster than the diversity of the state’s teachers.
/ April 29, 2022