Conspiracy Theories

Freshman Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing calls to resign after a resurfaced Facebook post revealed that she agreed
/ January 22, 2021
Florida teacher antifa Capitol
Spouting baseless conspiracy theories is bad enough if you are a private citizen. But if you’re an educator, it may
/ January 14, 2021
QAnon banned Twitter
Twitter has made moves lately to keep harassment and disinformation from spreading on its platform. To that end, the social
/ July 22, 2020
Wayfair, the American online furniture retailer, is being accused of child trafficking and money laundering. A post on a subreddit
/ July 11, 2020
As we all know, President Donald Trump loves Twitter and uses the social media platform often to state his feelings
/ May 26, 2020
Legislation proposed by House Democrats that would provide billions of dollars toward mobile testing for COVID-19, has in recent weeks
/ May 15, 2020
You’ve heard it. The rollout of 5G, the fifth generation of technologies to support cellular networks, is behind the coronavirus.
/ April 17, 2020