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The Emory University professor who was under fire last month for using the n-word during a civil rights lecture, won’t

/ September 19, 2018
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  An Emory University professor is under fire for reportedly using the n-word during a civil rights lecture. —Sister of

/ August 30, 2018
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A collection of letters written by Barack Obama is going to be available to the public for the first time

/ October 19, 2017
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Rep. Stacey Abrams says she has what it takes to usher in a new era in Georgia politics. Abrams, 43,

/ June 12, 2017
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theGRIO REPORT - A rare assortment of Hank Aaron materials, including racist hate mail he received at the height of

/ April 23, 2014
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theGRIO REPORT - Dr. Gregory Ellison, 36, an assistant professor in the theology faculty, kicked off the initiative on Saturday

/ July 22, 2013
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ATLANTA, Ga. - The founder of one of America's first modeling agencies to represent women of color has placed her

/ May 9, 2013