Lee Merritt
Lee Merritt said Texas deserves an attorney general that will fight for the constitutional rights of all citizens.
/ March 23, 2021
Donald Neely, who was led on foot by mounted Galveston police officers, has filed a lawsuit in the hopes it doesn’t happen to anyone else.
/ October 13, 2020
Morehouse College grads and filmmakers Julius Pryor and Marttise Hill launched a PSA to push Americans to learn about Juneteenth and to vote in November.
/ June 19, 2020
a black woman speaks
Watch Tiffany Boone, Simone Missick, Pauletta Washington, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Kimberly Hebert, and more perform ‘A Black Woman Speaks’ by Bhea Richards.
/ June 19, 2020
A quick breakdown of the history behind the holiday Juneteenth.
/ June 12, 2020
The family of Donald Neely wants the Galveston Police Department to release the body camera video of the two white mounted police officers arresting him.
/ August 13, 2019
A Galveston activist wants the police to be held accountable for the inhumane way a mentally ill man by two officers by leash on horseback.
/ August 8, 2019