Haitian migrants

As the Biden administration moves to lift Title 42, some are concerned about Haitian and African refugees getting the short end of the stick.
/ April 6, 2022
Biden Haiti Immigration
Nana Gyamfi, director of Black Alliance for Just Immigration, says the U.S. is “deadly silent” on the issue of Haiti immigration.
/ December 7, 2021
President Donald Trump and Haitian
Former President Donald Trump leaned in to familiar racist language in an interview with his friend Sean Hannity on Fox News Thursday night.
/ October 8, 2021
Maxine Waters, Yvette Clarke, Ritchie Torres, theGrio.com
Lawmakers and others around the world were triggered by the images of border patrol agents whipping the Haitian and Black migrants.
/ September 30, 2021
Texas Governor Greg Abbott is offering jobs to border agents on horseback punished for charging at Haitian migrants.
/ September 30, 2021
No migrants are left at a Texas border encampment, about a week after nearly 15,000 people seeking asylum huddled in makeshift shelters.
/ September 25, 2021
White House and Haitian migrants, theGrio.com
In addition to the meeting with Biden officials, Al Sharpton and others will visit the border to survey the treatment of Haitian migrants.
/ September 22, 2021