Jamaal Bowman

Jamaal Bowman Ilhan Omar
It’s an incredibly dangerous time and we’ve all got to step up and say something,” Bowman recently told theGrio during an exclusive interview.
/ December 4, 2021
Early Tuesday, state party officials tweeted regrets from Jay Jacobs for his clumsy characterization of Walton akin to David Duke.
/ October 19, 2021
Reactions to Powell’s death are pouring in across social media, and his revered name continues to trend and lead news broadcasts.
/ October 18, 2021
The Georgia Republican mocked Illinois Rep. Marie Newman following the House debate over the LGBTQ-rights-extending Equality Act.
/ February 26, 2021
NY Congressional Candidate Jamaal Bowman Encourages Early Voting At Bronx Subway Stop
Rep. Jamaal Bowman took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce his mother Ms. Pauline Bowman passed away from COVID-19.
/ February 16, 2021
Senate Minority Leader Schumer thegrio.com
President-elect Joe Biden is considering forgiving $50K for student loan borrowers, according to Senator Chuck Schumer.
/ December 7, 2020
Pharrell Williams Time magazine essays thegrio.com
Pharrell Williams curates a TIME magazine collection of essays including his own words on racism and a Black future.
/ August 20, 2020