Joy-Ann Reid

Joy Ann Reid
Black women are rallying around Joy Ann Reid (former Grio managing editor and current host of AM Joy on MSNBC) with the hashtag #WeGotJoy.
/ June 5, 2018
Joy Ann Reid
Fox News and their conservative viewers had a field day noting what they said is the irony of having MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid discussing Roseanne Barr’s recent social media slurs and subsequent show cancellation.
/ May 30, 2018
Joy Reid
The relationship between Black queer men and Black women is complex, beautiful, and ugly at the same time. Joy-Ann Reid’s […]
/ April 26, 2018
joy ann redo
MSNBC has enlisted help to prove that host Joy-Ann Reid’s blog was hacked and that horrifying homophobic posts that were recently unearthed, did not come from her.
/ April 25, 2018
Killer Mike
“It is not an auspicious occasion that brings us together, but rather that of an untimely and unfortunate death. I’m talking, saints, of the Twitter mentions of one Michael Render, better known by his nom de plume, Killer Mike.” -Dustin Seibert
/ April 9, 2018
Joy Ann Reid Killer Mike
Killer Mike has not had it easy on social media as of late. The Run the Jewels rapper caught heat last month for doing a pro-gun ownership interview on NRA TV. Now Killer Mike has found himself in Black Twitter’s crosshairs for trying to call journalist Joy Ann Reid a hypocrite, but he came up short on the facts.
/ April 9, 2018
Van Jones
Nobody has time for Trump’s crude commentary
/ January 12, 2018