Miami-Dade Police

Miami police Lt. John Jenkins Jr. was let go and charged with two counts of sexual assault and battery after an incident in April.
/ May 9, 2021
Elijah LaFrance and an unnamed 21-year-old woman were shot at Saturday night’s gathering. The woman is expected to survive her injuries.
/ April 27, 2021
Miami Beach’s police chief said he’s reviewing why pepper balls were used, but said, predictably, “I think officers felt threatened.”
/ March 22, 2021
Alexus Jordan was found dead Feb. 4 in her northeast Miami-Dade condominium. Police are now on the hunt for the trans woman’s killer.
/ February 17, 2021
Miami cops Roderick Flowers and Keith Edwards were charged for allegedly working for a cocaine-trafficking operation.
/ October 31, 2020
Miami-Dade County
Pablo Espinoza, public service aide, is under investigation for allegedly making disparaging racial remarks about a Black woman.
/ October 15, 2019
Dyma Loving, the Black woman who went viral after a video circulated showing Miami-Dade cops manhandling her after she called them for help, is suing.
/ April 11, 2019