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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The California Association of Realtors is apologizing for its role in pushing policies that drove racial

/ October 23, 2022
Philly 5 by 25, Black homeownership

Nonprofits across Philadelphia want to help increase the number of Black and brown homeowners, and they’re distributing the necessary funds

/ October 20, 2022
Byron Allen Allen Media Group

Billionaire media mogul Byron Allen is now the owner of a $100 million Malibu, California property. According to The Wall

/ October 13, 2022

The California Constitution was amended 72 years ago to include a racist clause requiring local governments to obtain community consent

/ September 27, 2022

The Ra-Amari family had found the perfect condominium building — newly developed in a predominantly-Asian area west of Houston, Texas

/ September 17, 2022

Every county recorder in California will establish a program to identify and redact unlawfully restrictive covenants from the state’s real

/ July 6, 2022

Kansas City real estate agent Tenesia Brown turned a negative into a positive after a cancer diagnosis five years ago

/ July 4, 2022