Sen. Joe Manchin

U.S. President Joe Biden, accompanied by Speaker of the House Nancy
If Democrats keep up their circular firing squad they won’t accomplish anything, paving the way for Republicans to gain the majority.
/ October 22, 2021
Don Lemon Joe Biden
Lemon demanded they use their bully pulpit to get their message across — and that voters want “equal access to the voting booth.”
/ October 21, 2021
Biden said Democrats are considering a change to the Senate’s filibuster rules in order to quickly approve lifting the nation’s debt limit.
/ October 5, 2021
Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Tim Scott,
Sources tell theGrio movement on police reform could come soon as Manchin is set to meet with Sen. Scott on the George Floyd policing act.
/ September 16, 2021
In a short clip, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee says of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act that “the people of Texas are desperate and need it.”
/ July 30, 2021
Vice President Kamala Harris told CBS News that the issue of voting rights is non-partisan and “should be approached that way.”
/ July 21, 2021
House Majority Whip James Clyburn said the president could rally the support of Democrats who are against changing filibuster rules.
/ July 12, 2021