Black veterans of the Civil War have a new memorial in their honor in Virginia and it was made possible with the help of descendants.
/ November 8, 2021
Americans will be able to pay tribute to fallen troops in ways that were impossible last year when virus restrictions were in effect.
/ May 30, 2021
Veterans of color are pushing for elected officials to move on voting rights and demilitarizing police departments across the country.
/ April 13, 2021
The requests come weeks after a report detailing how Black VA employees are disproportionately fired from national positions.
/ February 23, 2021
Three members of Oath Keepers, all U.S. veterans, allegedly used radio to update each other on the location of lawmakers at the Capitol.
/ January 23, 2021
Oldest WWII veteran Lawrence Brooks
Brooks prides his services in the military even though Black soldiers fought issues such as discrimination and hostility at home.
/ September 12, 2020
The U.S. Army has yet to officially recognize Richard Collins III as a second lieutenant after he was stabbed to death by a white supremacist in 2017.
/ June 13, 2019