“We know polio spreads silently, and it’s likely that there are many people infected with polio and shedding the virus in these communities.”
/ August 13, 2022
With only a limited global supply of vaccines, authorities are racing to stop monkeypox before it becomes entrenched as a new disease.
/ August 11, 2022
U.S. health officials on Tuesday authorized a plan to give people one-fifth the usual dose of the limited monkeypox vaccine.
/ August 10, 2022
A central Illinois day care worker has developed monkeypox but it has not spread to others at the center, public health officials said Friday.
/ August 6, 2022
New York state health officials issued a more urgent call Thursday for unvaccinated children and adults to get inoculated against polio.
/ August 5, 2022
The polio virus was detected in wastewater samples from a suburban county near New York City.
/ August 3, 2022
But Qatar Football Association organizers said the match was called off due to “positive cases of COVID-19 in the Gambia camp.”
/ January 1, 2022