‘Black Panther’ movie sign defaced on Marine base with N-word slur, sparks outrage

(Photo: Marvel)

Marines on a U.S. military base in Okinawa, Japan, have some explaining to do after an investigation was launched into a racist photograph that appeared online.

According to Atlanta Black Star, the racist photo was obtained by a user on Military.com.

In the photo, the words “Phat Black N—-r” are visible on a movie marquee on a Marine Corps.’ base. It is reported that the marquee originally detailed a 3 p.m. showing for the blockbuster film Black Panther on Sunday. 

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The Marine Corps. have since issued a statement about the incident on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“Derogatory text was found on a marquee at Camp Hansen,” tweeted the Marine Corps Installations Pacific. “It was immediately removed and the incident is under investigation. Please visit our Facebook page for more information.”

“Marine Corps Installations Pacific is aware of an incident on Camp Hansen yesterday involving the posting of a racial slur on an AAFES marquee,” the group wrote on Facebook

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“Please know that the language used is in direct contradiction to the core values of honor, courage, and commitment that we stand for as Marines,” the statement continued. “This type of behavior is not tolerated by the Marine Corps. The text has been removed and the incident is under investigation.”

People have voiced their opinions about the racist sign, and some seem to indicate that racism is a common occurrence on the Okinawa base.

See the sign posted by Atlanta Black Star here.

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“This crap again!” commented on. “We all bleed red! Take your ignorant, small minded beliefs and desert! We don’t need your petty crap in our Corps!”

Black Panther pushes forward with #BlackExcellence

Even though that type of racial hatred comes with the territory, Black Panther just can’t be stopped.

Black Panther has been winning since the very beginning. The film broke records for the highest February debut for a movie, blasting past the record set by Marvel’s Deadpool.

The film is expected to break past the $1 billion mark before it even premieres in China.  

The success of Black Panther of course has other historical significance. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s first Black film, it’s the biggest opening for an African-American director ever and there are already talks of Marvel wanting Ryan Coogler to do more.

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige told Variety he “absolutely” would welcome Coogler back for a sequel.