Don Lemon has clearly had enough of Donald Trump and his antics in the White House.

And the CNN anchor went in on President Donald Trump‘s scandalous behavior and it’s clear that Don Lemon has reached a new level of disgusted.

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The president is currently facing allegations from several women claiming he had affairs with them while they were married and others that are claiming he sexually assaulted them.

In analysis of the Stormy Daniels’ story, as well as the other two women, Don Lemon became visibly perplexed about the state of the world we’re all living in these days.

“President Trump facing lawsuits tonight from three women: a porn star, a playboy model, and a reality TV star,” Lemon said. “Three different cases over his alleged relationship with three different women,” he exasperated. “I mean, this is where we are right now.”

Don Lemon also read Daniels’ tweet that accused Trump of bullying her for speaking out.

“Technically I didn’t sleep with the POTUS 12 years ago,” said Daniels. “There was no sleeping (hehe) and he was just a goofy reality TV star.” 

“But I digress,” she continued. “People DO care that he lied about it, had me bullied, broke laws to cover it up, etc.  And PS…I am NOT going anywhere. xoxoxo”

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Don Lemon then appeared to whisper to himself, “Is this really happening?”

Lemon then revealed that Daniels’ friend has also spoken out, accusing Trump of threatening both of them to keep quiet.  

“In addition to Stormy Daniels, there’s Karen McDougal… there’s also former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos.”

“Even for a president who’s no stranger to depositions or lawsuits, this is a lot,” Don Lemon added after reading two new claims of sexual misconduct against Trump.

We have a feeling there’s only going to be more sordid allegations for Don Lemon to cover in the coming weeks.