After DJ Khaled poured vodka on cereal the internet had thoughts

DJ Khaled found himself in trouble this weekend after some social media posts in which he poured booze over his breakfast cereal.


The Truth in Advertising ( watchdog group called Khaled out for the posts, specifically for the fact that Khaled had millions of followers under the legal drinking age.

“There is every reason to believe that at least a substantial minority of Khaled’s followers are under age 21,” according to

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After all, Khaled is also a pitcher for a group calling on middle schoolers to work toward success in high school and college, so it’s reasonable to think that his followers are often young people, Page Six reported.

In particular, the group has pointed at a social media post in which Khaled poured Belaire sparkling wine and Ciroc vodka over Cinnamon Toast Crunch breakfast cereal.

“Khaled also recommends Ciroc with homemade cookies, Ciroc ‘slushy style,’ Ciroc at lunch, dinner, in the shower,” the group complained in a letter to Khaled’s attorneys.

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The group conducted a 10-month investigation into Khaled’s posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, and pointed out that Khaled had violated the social media companies’ policies concerning ads for alcohol targeted at underage audiences.

What’s more, because Khaled did not reveal that he is a paid spokesperson for Bumbu, Belaire and Ciroc, he was in violation of Federal Trade Commission law.

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To avoid an FTC inquiry, Khaled took down several of the posts and also added the hashtag #ad to several others.

Clearly fans should not try this DJ Khaled breakfast plan at home.