If Joe Biden doesn’t come through for a shot at the Oval in 2020, it appears that Democrats may have another viable contender to save us from Donald Trump’s rein of terror.

Tuesday, former Attorney General Eric Holder admitted he is considering running for president during an interview on MSNBC.

Holder joined All In host Chris Hayes alongside MSNBC justice analyst and former spokesman for the Department of Justice Matt Miller.

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“Is Eric Holder running for president?” Hayes first asked Miller.

“I keep asking him, because I want to know if I have to quit my job and move to Iowa,” Miller said.

Finally Hayes turned the question on Holder himself.

“I’m not sure I’ll get the most honest answer from you for this question, but I ask you. Is he running for president? Is Eric Holder running?” asked the MSNBC host.

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“Yes, I’m thinking about it,” Holder conceded. “But I’ve not made any determinations. I’m focusing on the work I’m doing with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and trying to deal with gerrymandering.”

Viewers were quick to share their reactions to the news on social media.

“Would love to see Mr Holder run for President,” tweeted @Ron917r. “He seems to be a [email protected] great integrity and highly intelligent. All of which is not.”

But Trump supporters were quick to respond, accusing the former Attorney General of being corrupt and under-qualified.

Words that they apparently don’t think apply to the current President or his administration.

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“Oh please, please please…… Trump would wipe the floor with that criminal,” threatens one user. “I wonder how much useful info can be found to use against holder… Probably a closet full. Guarantee he wouldn’t get the support from police or border patrol.”

During the segment Holder also shared details about his current work focused on fighting the forces and groups that are hellbent on drawing political boundaries to provide certain political parties with advantages at the polls. One thing is for sure – Holder states that if he does run, he wants Miller to be his press secretary.

Check out the clip below.