BAD SEX: 7 hilarious reactions to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s intimate photoshoot (Poor Jay)

Beyoncé and Jay-Z gifted fans with intimate pics of the Bonnie and Clyde duo and the internet pretty much exploded with comments.

The Bey-Hive is used to seeing Queen B scantily clad. Between her tour wardrobe and her music video attire, the world is pretty familiar with what Bey is working wit, but Uncle Jay-Z decided to make an appearance sans shirt.

The internet was not ready.


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Poor Jay. But not everybody clowned Jigga Man. At least one fan pointed out that Jay-Z already set everyone straight on that whole “ugly” thing. On his song “Family Feud,” Jay rapped “Ain’t no such thing as an ugly billionaire, I’m cute.”

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Possessed by the Spirit of Kim Kardashian?

Beyoncé has never been exactly shy about showing off her figure, but these pics of her topless in just a thong and another where she seems to be completely naked have people doing a double take.

It is the type of behavior expected from someone like say, Kim Kardashian who not infrequently bares it all on social media. Some speculated that the photoshoot came about because Kim Kardashian’s spirit jumped into Beyoncé’s body. Others are placing bets on what Kim K’s next move will be now that Beyoncé is getting all the attention right now.