In celebration of Father’s Day, theGrio commissioned New York City based photographer, Luis Antonio Thompson to present his collection of images dedicated to Black fatherhood. 

In it Thompson showcases the bond between Black fathers and their children, dispelling the myth that Black men aren’t attentive, sensitive, kind and loving towards their offspring. Instead, you’ll bear witness to fathers who are both breaking a dysfunctional cycle and debunking the idea of that engaged Black dads don’t exist.

Below are 17 fathers from our community who genuinely bask in the joy of their roles as fathers and aren’t ashamed to show it.

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3Desmond Prass Sr. and son Desmond Jr.

Desmond Prass Sr., 64, and son Desmond Jr., 38

“Seeing someone that looks like me and acts like me is great! But also to witness the changes he’s made in his life as he has evolved into a man – that is pretty special. We have a wonderful relationship, and I love being a dad. It’s pretty rewarding.”Desmond Prass Sr.

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